Here's some music from the Spider Price and the Unknowns CD, "Vaguely Familiar". Hope you like it. (Tip: If you click on a tune and it stops a few bars in, just hit start again and it should play through.)

Roll The Bones - I recorded this at my good friend Jack Duncan's home studio a few years back. Jack is on bass, lead guitar, organ, and spooky sounds. He also sings the scary vocal after the break. Jack's brother Gary is on drums. I'm singing lead, playing piano and rhythm guitar.

Ride on Nadine - I saw one of those adopt a highway signs on the way back from Prescott, Arizona that simply said "Ride on Nadine". I got to thinking that there had to be a story behind the enigmatic words, so I made one up and wrote this song. 

Little Tough Guy - I'm not typically mean spirited, but this one just came out that way.

Darkness into Darkness - This is one of my soap boxy tunes, but I think it has a decent message about how we're managing life in the modern world.

Change Your Mind - This ones about all of us old guys living in the past and swimming against the tides of change.

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